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While this domain name does contain the word Tea..  This is not about tea. Unless you're drinking it while reading ;)

TEA is actually an acronym for To Enlighten All

Imagine for a moment that your life is an ocean of consciousness. 

You have the decision to enjoy simply dipping your feet along the shore, or you may explore further and step deeper and deeper into the energy of your inner-G (inner - self). 

A journey of consciousness is unique to each person based upon what they desire to learn, master, complete, balance, and heal at a soul level. 

So what you will find here in this space, is a combination of different areas of our collective consciousness. Health and wellness, natural healing, traveling, eco-awareness, people who are working to make a positive influence, and conscious companies that help support our values.

The intention of this site is that of connection. It is a space being opened and honored for conscious souls driven by passion, purpose, and maybe even some heartfelt pain.

It's easy to feel alone in life, but this is a platform where I hope you may feel comforted instead. Feel reassured that there are souls awakening just like yours - taking an interest in health, ways we can travel in mind and body, embracing more natural healing processes, breathing deep through Yoga, and enjoying the overall art of life. 

So, welcome! The site is still evolving (just as we are) so as it does, I look forward to sharing stories, ever expanding knowledge, and so much love with you all! Namaste ~

Don’t you know yet? It is your light that lights the world. ”
— Rumi


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