Hey Good Vibes Tribe,

It is without doubt that we have been connected for a reason - So welcome, and thank you so much for your presence!

My name is Gabriela and I’m a woman with a vision - on a mission! 

I'm a yoga-loving, tree-hugging, holistic healer and conscious lifestyle blog writer - passionate about sustainability in health, travel, and every day life.

I have always enjoyed making and embracing connections. Even small ones. I’m that soul who floated around from group to group in school, being friends with anyone I felt was genuine. Beyond that, I’ve always loved connecting these different types of friends so that we may all be friends. Because in the big picture, we as humanity are like islands - we may appear separate upon the surface, but we are connected in the deep. 

One of the main aspects of life that connected me to others was pain. I lived in my darkness for many years, so naturally, I felt deeply connected with people who had also experienced traumatic events throughout their lives. While this was meaningful, it was often also toxic. I was attracting people who were reflections of all that I had not healed. Similar events continued occurring in my life that were not so positive. 

While I am grateful for the good and the bad, and know that each has had it’s valuable place throughout my journey, I am much happier with the souls in whom I connect with now. 

When we set the intention and dedicate time and energy to heal, even when we feel we don't need to, we open ourselves to miracles and divine connections of souls who want to help us do so. Souls who want to enlighten and uplift our lives.

This is powerful! But it can also be hard to find. 

That’s why I’ve created this site. I want to help connect people of the Conscious Community. 

Now you may be asking, what does that mean exactly and who does it include?

As humans, we all are conscious beings, but there is no test to determine how "conscious" we are. Science does not even have an answer. Perhaps because it depends largely upon a person’s personal perspective. 

So from the bottom of my heart, I welcome you all, no matter where you may be in your journey. 

I personally would describe consciousness as our sense of awareness and our action towards it. It is a level of care, curiosity, hunger for knowledge, and desire to evolve into our highest and truest selves. 

As your consciousness begins to expand, it is somewhat of an awakening. You tend to see the connection between any and all things.

It's as if your life just transformed into a game of connect the dots. 


You begin to care to extents that you may not have before. You feel and have a deeper sense of self. 

Now to which degree you wish to explore this, is up to you.. 

For me, the evolution of my consciousness has included many aspects such as: Being aware of the foods I feed my temple, the thoughts that I allow to occupy my mind, honoring our connection with our shared home through eco-friendliness, the words I share, companies and activities I support, and overall the frequencies that I will welcome my energy to be matched with. 

My desires and intentions are to connect people who may be interested in one or all of these aspects, so that we may feel supported throughout our evolutionary processes.

I invite you to explore any and all areas that may interest you and feel free to connect with me at anytime. We are in this journey together and I look forward to the ways that we may learn and grow throughout it. 

Namaste <3 

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