Sovi Fit

SOVI FIT is your trusted resource for high quality products and information for your active lifestyle.

They specialize in holistic products and active wear.

their beauty products are all natural, gluten free and vegan.

their clothing line is ethically produced. 

they use environmentally friendly ink and plant one tree for every product purchased.


At SOVI FIT, they believe in being completely fit or holistically fit. Being holistically fit is all about addressing the body as a whole and understanding the interdependence of its parts.

Your mind, body, and spirit are all connected.

This plays an important role in fitness because when one lacks, they all lack. When all three are addressed as a whole, and working in unison, you can produce powerful positive changes physically and emotionally.

sovi fit's mission is to help people live healthier lives and that's why they also provide their community with free at home workouts and blogs on living a more holistically fit lifestyle.

Sovi Fit has generously offered a coupon code for all new subscribers to Conscious Community. 

To experience more of the greatness they have to offer, hope on over to their sacred space