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Yoga Trapeze for $1

Yoga Trapeze is one of the neatest inventions

I have ever seen! 

If you crave a deep stretch just as much as I do.. this is for you!

It is a great inversion tool helping to open our back and shoulders while also alleviating back pain.

Yes, you read that right! This releases tension from the discs in our backs.

Ah can you imagine that feeling?! 

The Yoga Trapeze is easy to install and provides immediate results! I love to just hang upside down in it and can feel a difference instantly.

It's a fun form of ultimate relaxation.

It has also helped me tremendously to deepen back bends in my Yoga practice.

There are really countless ways that the Trapeze can be used.                    I strengthen my core and upper body on it too!  

I consider the Yoga Trapeze to be part of a Conscious Company for many reasons.

The founder, Lucas, truly cares about his clients. Lucas was a vegan chef, and has owned and operated health food restaurants prior to delving into the yoga world. Lucas is also a highly-acclaimed writer, radio show host, TV personality, business consultant, weight loss expert, and health coach.

He shares his love and knowledge - providing a bunch of valuable, FREE, information through his website here, where you can also learn more about the benefits of owning a Yoga trapeze.

I mean, the man is offering this for just $1. That's how confident he is that you will LOVE this and possibly many of his other products, just like I do.

Switch perspective with me! ;)