Pimann Buri - Treat Yourself

I'm a big believer in treating yourself (and others).

When my partner Giancarlo and I planned our 40+ day trip around Thailand, we knew we wanted to splurge in at least one of the locations. We figured Krabi, a southwestern beach town, would be a good place and that's when we came across Pimann Buri Luxury Villas.

Exclusive with your own private pool, this villa is an apartment that you will want to call home. The overall atmosphere here is so comfortable - we could have stayed forever!

Feeling at home in our robes

Feeling at home in our robes

Let me start from the beginning to explain why..

Prior to our arrival, a pickup was arranged as is for every guest. A luxury van pulled up and a nice man greeted us and brought us to the private villa. Awaiting us there was another member of their friendly staff for check in. Check in here was a bit different than anywhere we’ve ever experienced. They actually went through the check in process with us inside our villa rather than at a lobby or front desk. The gentleman gave us a warm welcome and collected our necessary paperwork, then proceeded to tell us about the property, breakfast options, and handed us our favorite menu - choices for floaties to enjoy in the private pool.

Pool.jpg copy.jpg

From the moment we drove through the gate, our excitement was soaring about this luxury villa so once we were alone, we took the time to take a good look around.

Of course, we started our exploration with one of the best appliances in any dwelling.. The fridge. Inside were fruits, water bottles, and juices - all complimentary. Along the shelf were other snacks (albeit not the healthiest but we were happy to find a can of cashews) and a fully stocked kitchen  with more appliances than we even have in our own home.

For example, your own private outdoor shower

For example, your own private outdoor shower

We unpacked, settled in, and once we were ready to venture into town we simply called the front desk to enjoy the complimentary transportation service that Pimann Buri provides. You see, Pimann Buri is actually a little outside of the heart of town (just about 10 minutes) which is why they specifically staff someone to take care of transportation for their guests from 8AM - 10PM. So anytime we wanted to go somewhere in Krabi / Aonang, they were there to help which was a nice added luxury to the place itself. Taxi and tuk tuk rides add up you know ;p


Once we were ready to head back from our daily adventure, we called our friends at Pimann Buri and within minutes they were there to pick us up.

When we returned Giancarlo and I were amazed by what we saw..

A sky full of stars! Unlike anywhere that we had seen in Thailand! I suppose since Pimann Buri is a little away from most of the light pollution, it allowed the stars to shine.

To enjoy this cosmic bliss, we got on the floaties and stared up from the comfort of the private pool. We didn't have to worry about if we were within pool hours, or making too much noise as we basked in the beauty of nature's light show. We could just be. Float. Relax. And enjoy each other's company. 

Another little surprise awaited us once we got out of the pool. Waiting for us at the door was a small cat just sitting, looking like she wanted to be let inside. Being the animal lover that I am, I spent a few minutes petting and cuddling with her. For an outdoor cat, she was actually one of the friendliest cats I've encountered. She was affectionate, loved the attention, and purred her way into my heart. Her presence really added to the homey feeling of the property.

The next morning we awoke to the arrival of breakfast at our door. In came 2 chefs to serve us and they even toasted the bread there in the villa for ultimate freshness. It was a nice spread with more food than we could actually eat ourselves. For vegans like myself, they served salad and a decent amount of fruit which I paired with oatmeal I had bought previously. As for being without dietary specifications, options were bountiful with fresh toast, pancakes, and pastries. 


Eco - Friendly

Dedication to eco-friendliness is vital to me in every day life and something I do not forget nor neglect as I am traveling which is why it's worthy to me to support places that understand the importance of each playing our part.

Pimann Buri helps by using environmentally friendly cleaning products, natural pest control, low-energy LED and fluorescent light bulbs. In addition they recycle all bottles, cans, and office paper which many of the smaller resort properties unfortunately do not.


I also appreciated that they are committed to providing the best work place environment, benefits, and salary to their employees.

After learning what the average pay is in Thailand (a small amount), it was nice to hear that spaces such as this do what they can to offer great opportunities.

The staff here was truly amazing and catered to our every desire. They even washed the dishes after breakfast. We were very appreciative of their time and energy.

When traveling the world, let's not forget about the people who help us along the way. :) We left what we had in cash as a tip for the staff and hope that others feel inspired to do similarly even though it seems to be a fading tradition.

I'm curious.. do you still tip when leaving a hotel or place of stay? No judgement, I honestly don't for every place I stay. It depends on length of stay and interaction with the staff (i.e. did they clean the room during our time there, bring room service, or other). So I'm just wondering if leaving a tip is still considered customary. 

This villa truly has everything someone could want and need.

If coming to Krabi and you're interested in staying here, I would even recommend setting aside an entire day to relax here and fully enjoy everything it has to offer. Showers and bath tubs (bubble bath anyone?), the pool of course, their own restaurant which has a pool table for your gaming pleasure, or lay back in your own living room which has a TV and DVD player for rainy days / chilled out nights.

Luxurious Dining Room

Luxurious Dining Room

Needless to say, it was difficult to leave this lap of luxury and we would highly recommend Pimann Buri as a place of stay when in the Krabi / Aonang area.  


Take a look around via Giancarlo's video of the premises...