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Hotel Belmar

As soon as you enter Monteverde you can feel the difference of crisp-air and cooler temperatures.

Inhale deeply. Exhale fully. 

You’ve arrived at a nature lover’s paradise.


Ultimate relaxation awaits you between the cloud forest trees with complimentary yoga classes, an organic juice bar, and an incredible dining experience with a divine view. These luxuries are only a portion of what you can expect during a stay at family owned and community focused - Hotel Belmar

Located in the heart of Monteverde, the Belmar property offers an array of sacred spaces for you and yours - making this by far one of the most beautiful hotels that I have ever seen!

You can warm up in the jacuzzi, or head down to their garden and natural spring water lake - where along the way they have their own micro-brewery.

Sidenote: I don’t drink, but even I was intrigued by their menu of flavors! Cheers mates!

Then if you head uphill you will find their greenhouse garden where they nurture many organic herbs and plants, which they then share with you through their Farm to Table philosophy. The garden is also home to their composting efforts which are part of their highly admired sustainability efforts. 


No matter where you may be on the property, you will undoubtedly pick up on the spiritual vibration of the hotel.

To enhance their natural essence, they offer a morning and afternoon yoga class every day along with delectable organic superfood juices such as - the Green Extreme - a mix of pineapple, orange, banana, lemongrass, spirulina, turmeric, and celery.

Can you say Power Smoothie?!

If you enjoy more of a sweeter sensation, consider their Shaman smoothie - delicious banana, cacao, chia seeds, almond milk, goji berries, maca, cinnamon, and nutmeg.


I’m drooling just thinking about these again!

Not only did Hotel Belmar win my tastebuds over, but it also won the key to my heart. Literally, your hotel room key comes with a wooden heart (carved by their team as a cut-out of their fences). Nice touch Belmar, nice touch.


Truly though, they also won my heart through their dedication to the environment and their community. If these aspects mean as much to you as they do to me, you are surely to appreciate the rest of what I have to share.


Hotel Belmar is a leader in levels of sustainability. Through many of their innovative practices, they ensure countless Go Green / Conscious Living efforts such as the presence of solar panels, biodigesters, a greenhouse garden, compost, and recycling systems - just to name a few.

These practices are a genuine reflection of the Belmar family’s respect for environment and community.

To help share this love and awareness with members of their town, they host different events each month such as teaching how to compost, donation drives to collect school supplies for local children, and organizing a deforestation program where people can spend the afternoon planting trees. How sweet is all of this?! Also, the Mrs. of the Belmar family cofounded two schools in Monteverde expanding opportunities for education to the youth. 

It is details such as these that really help you to feel good about where you are staying and who you are supporting with your decision to do so. 


In return, they go above and beyond to make sure that all of their guests needs are met!

You are welcomed at the door with a warm oil-infused towel along with fresh juice. One of their friendly staff members then gives you a brief introduction about the hotel and area. They can suggest tours which we appreciated as they led us to Curi Cancha Reserve, which we loved! Then they hand over that key to your heart... I mean, room ;) and guide you to the space you get to call home for your time of stay. They have a variety of room types each providing an incredible view! 

Inside your room you can find organic beauty products such as shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion made specifically for Belmar guests using sustainable materials and organic ingredients. Another very nice touch Belmar. 

Every detail from beginning to end of this hotel was immaculate. Monteverde became my favorite place during our stay in Costa Rica. If you are traveling to this wonderful destination, make sure to consider Hotel Belmar as your space of stay. You will be SO happy that you did! 

Pura Vida and Namaste!