How to be truly Healthy

What does it mean to truly be healthy? 

Being healthy in my eyes does not mean having muscles and a thin waistline. This is simply the physical appearance of our bodies that many people identify with.

I believe that to truly be healthy - is a state of well being between - mind, body, AND soul.

A balanced relationship between the 3 that reflects synergistically through our quality of life. 

When we are healthy - we are upbeat, productive, optimistic, and a type of person that everyone enjoys being around. 

It is a feeling of strength and energy at your core. It allows you to face each day with confidence and security. You wake up early and stay alert all day. 

Many people don't see health this way though and they forget just how GOOD our bodies AND minds are designed to feel.

Most people who simply 'make it through the day' regard themselves as being reasonably healthy; but are they really? They look good and seem to cope but deep down inside they are not feeling as well as they may appear. 

Sound familiar?

Don't worry if it does.. There is hope for us all. Each day, we are blessed with another chance to improve our lives in a multitude of ways.

I myself think back to a time when I perceived myself as being healthy although I ate fast food, partied, slept in until the afternoon, couldn't even do 1 pushup, filled my mind with nonsense TV shows, etc. But then I discovered a way of life that turned my life around for the better and I have never looked back since. This way of life included a lot of changes - which is part of what becoming truly healthy entails. A journey in true health will very likely require you to learn to accept change and become comfortable with it while consciously taking action to incorporate the beneficial changes into your life. What I can promise you is.. It's worth it!

Wouldn't you like to wake up every morning with an attitude of loving life and all it offers? Full of zest with only 6-7 hours of sleep that will carry you through a long day with good memory and senses of wellbeing. 

This is achievable and realistic for everyone. 

Which brings me to one of the first aspects that we must open ourselves to - a change in mindset. If we believe and tell ourselves that nothing will make us feel better, then nothing ever will. 

We create our reality through our words, thoughts, and actions. We need to suspend negative thought processes long enough to allow our bodies the best chances it can have to improve. So if you wish to be healthy - begin by speaking it into existence! This is how you strengthen your soul.

Small actions such as waking up and repeating mantras such as, "I AM healthy" can actually do wonders for our health as through repetition and visualization, these words help to literally reconstruct strands of our DNA. 


Then once you've begun speaking it into existence, continue by taking the actions to physically bring it into existence through your lifestyle.

Our lifestyles have been geared towards eating chemically laced foods in a highly stressful environment. We often unknowingly use many products every day that are highly toxic or simply just not good for us. We as a society have been convinced that this is the "convenient" way to live.

It isn't.

As a result of our processed and highly stressful lifestyles, we end up wasting time, money, and other resources which reflect the effects of the pollution we put into our bodies. This may involve "giving up" some things but, once you get a taste for the alternative, it is a very pleasant surprise. Not to mention the additional energy that comes with an improved lifestyle. :) 

So to strengthen the physical self, it is wise, imperative rather, to examine what may be harming you in this dimension. Food, lack of self care, lack of motivation for physical activity.

Firstly, food is medicine and energy! If you notice that you get hit by food-coma after a meal, you're probably not supplying your body with the nutrients it needs to get through the day. Think well rounded meals including low fat protein sources (I personally recommend plant based), complex carbohydrates, healthy fats (avocado), fruits earlier in the day, and a serving of greens / vegetables. Allow food to be your fuel! Take notice of how each meal makes you feel after. 

This becomes a practice of mindful eating. Try to eat without distractions such as a phone or watching TV. Perhaps even experiment with closing your eyes as you eat and chew slowly so that you can truly savor the flavor of each bite. Not only does this help us to bring conscious awareness towards our food, it also helps us to better receive the nutrients of what we are eating and stay fuller longer! 

Also, meal prepping is a great way to prepare yourself for success! When we have food ready on hand, we are not as likely to fall into the trap of "fast food" or temptation. Plus - the time, effort, and money you put towards preparing a meal should inspire you to stay committed to your goals! Allow this practice to empower you. 


Now that you will be supplying your temple with the energy it needs to thrive, it becomes time to consider a form of physical activity. Even if it is simply a walk around your neighborhood for only 20 minutes a day. Our bodies are designed for movement! Invite a friend to a class at your local gym and discuss being accountability partners for each other - helping to motivate one another and improve your lives simultaneously. 

Yoga classes are a wonderful way to exercise our bodies AND our minds. Think of Yoga as a massage even. Through practice, you will release tension from your body and anxiety from your mind. It is truly divine.

If yoga or the gym aren't your style, there's plenty of forms of physical activity out there to explore. Find what excites you and vibes with you best and come to think of it as a necessary part of your day. Exercise helps to increase serotonin which can affect our mood and social behavior, appetite and digestion, sleep, memory, and sexual desire and function. Sounds good right? So get to increasing it! ;)

The next point in this trifecta is the state of wellbeing of our minds. Our minds have a direct significant impact upon the quality of our lives. What we believe, we become.

So how can we strengthen our mind?

Through practice as with all of these areas. We train our minds as we would any other muscle within our body. We can do so by meditation, reading, different activities of mental stimulation, positive thinking, visualizations, and counseling to help heal traumas engraved within.

It is also helpful to eliminate people who may be toxic in your life, such as those who constantly complain, or bring you down, make you feel bad about yourself or life, gossipers, etc. This also includes outside elements such as TV shows, certain music, and atmospheres.

Be mindful of where and with whom you spend your time and energy for that is what you allow to enter into your precious mind and soul.. Which brings me back to where we began.

Our souls are each so special, incredibly unique, and packed with purpose.  When we nourish our souls, we feel the effects all throughout the dimensions of our being. 

What this entails is living in a reality of love, compassion, understanding, kindness, connection to source, connection to self, and connection to others. 


I believe in you and your potential to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Do you believe in you?


10 Benefits of Going vegan


We've all heard the term, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" and society is proving it's authenticity more and more each day through plant based lifestyles. 

With athletes, celebrities, and even political figures speaking up about their decisions to live a vegan lifestyle  - some may be wondering.. What's the craze about? 

Well, an apple a day - in addition to whole foods, legumes, and other organic fruits and vegetables, truly can keep a visit to the doctor astray.

Plant-based foods are all 100% cholesterol-free, generally low in saturated fats, and high in - fiber, complex carbohydrates (the good types of carbs), and other essential nutrients. Therefore making wholesome vegan foods a powerful source to help prevent - and even reverse - many chronic health problems. 

Here are just a few of the benefits of a vegan lifestyle :)


1. Unclog your Arteries 

  • Animal products such as meat, eggs, and dairy are high in cholesterol and saturated fat which can build up inside the walls of our arteries as "plaque" blocking blood flow to all areas of the body. This artery damage is called atherosclerosis. Normal bodily functions become impaired when this occurs as too little blood reaches various regions of the body, leading to a number of diseases, most notably heart disease.
  • Heart disease is the number 1 health problem and a leading cause of death in the United States today. 
  • Good news is: dedicated doctors such as Dr. Dean Ornish, have actually been able to reverse heart disease in patients by putting them on a low-fat vegetarian diet with an exercise program. There is hope for us all!


2. Fight Cancer with Plants!

  • Plant based foods contain antioxidants and other phytochemicals, which fight inflammation and knock out carcinogens (the substances capable of causing cancer in living tissue). So in other words, plants are protection!


3. Protects our Brains

  • Yep! Research shows that people who avoid "bad fats" such as the kind found in meat, eggs, and especially dairy products - cut their risk of developing Alzheimer's disease by about 2/3rds.
  • These "bad fats" are only a part of the issue though. Meat, including lobster, shrimp, and some other kinds of seafood are often high in metals - such as iron, copper, and zinc which have been found in the brains of Alzheimer's patients. Although we do need traces of these metals for our health, we can get them in a healthier fashion through veggies, legumes, and whole grains. Meats on the other hand, tend to overdose us.
  • Eating plant-based foods rich in vitamin E, vitamin B, folic acid, and other nutrients can reduce one's risk of developing Alzheimer's by as much as 70%! 


4. Prevent and even Reverse diabetes

  • Research shows that diabetics who eat low-fat vegan foods are able to stop taking medications - or at least take fewer of them - to manage their disease. 
  • This is supported by both the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who advise people to eat more vegetables, beans, and whole grains while decreasing or eliminating animal flesh to ward off diabetes. 


5. Save Money

  • Research local farmers markets in your areas and shop in season to help save in the store
  • "Vegan" foods (which I consider to be foods everyone should consume as staples anyways) include beans, rice, vegetables, tofu, and pasta which all cost less than animal products.
  • Plus, in the matter of voting with our dollar, why should we support an industry that is causing harm to our health, animals, and our environment?
  • Quality food can be considered not only a source of nutrition, but also of medicine - making it more than worth the extra few bucks, if any.


6. physical benefits of Going Vegan

  • Now, I believe that EVERY body is beautiful - and that health is a matter of how we feel - not how we appear. But there is correlating support showing that a healthy vegan diet can lower body mass index.
  • Statistics say that on average, vegans weigh 18% less than meat-eaters, and they are nine times less likely to become obese. 
  • AND you can do so by eating some truly delicious plates and still sticking to your favorites - except without the unhealthy fats of animals products :) Pictured below are Buffalo cauliflower bites, Vegan mac and cheese, and oil free sweet potato fries.. Mmm!! 
  • Not to mention, your skin will clear up (if it isn't already) and it will begin to GLOW thanks to your increased intake of antioxidants

7. soul benefits of going vegan

  • You feel so much more energetic! 
  • You begin to gain new levels of clarity, allowing you to make better decisions, and have a more positive outlook on life
  • Your creativity flows stronger since your body will be physically and energetically cleaner
  • New sense of pride by embracing peace on your plate. You can sleep better and walk lighter knowing that your conscious decisions and commitments are helping to save lives and make the world a better place!
  • You feel more love and become encompassed by this feeling 


In addition to these great benefits, there are also countless advantages that affect not only our personal lives, but also lives all around us!

8. Look at all you'll save!

  • Each Vegan individually saves over 190 animals lives a year by not eating them.
    • Number of animals slaughtered in the US:
    • Per minute - 38,627
    • Per hour - 2,317,596
    • Per day - 55,622,293
    • Per year - Tens of Billions


9. You'll also save human lives by going vegan

This lifestyle helps to alleviate world hunger

  • Did you know that approximately 925 million people worldwide do not have enough to eat. :( 
  • This is extremely sad considering the world's cattle alone consume enough food to meet the caloric needs of 8.7 billion people.
  • According to a 2010 United Nations report, more than half of the world's crops are used to feed animals, not people. Because of a growing population, this statistic has not greatly improved.
  • 16 pounds of grain can be fed to only 1 cow supplying just 1 person with 1 meal OR those 16 pounds of grain can be used to provide food for 10 people with food for an entire day.
  • With millions of people going hungry, wouldn't you agree that it seems wasteful to funnel edible food through farmed animals doomed for slaughter? 

10. Protein

Don't worry about lack in protein.. Plants and natural foods STILL have you covered ;)


As you can see, there is an abundance of plant-based protein options. Some even provide more protein than their animal based alternative.

I can guarantee that a plant based lifestyle will benefit your life in far more ways than one. Even if you make the conscious decision to begin cutting down on meat consumption, you will receive a glance of the advantages that will enhance your life.

Feel free to drop any questions in the comments section.

Om Shanti Shanti.


Integrative Therapy for Cancer

natural healing

The importance of Integrating Natural Healing into the Healthcare System

This is a topic I am especially passionate about because of my family history. My father whom passed away from cancer when I was 10, dedicated his life to being a Pediatric Cardiologist. Driven with purpose, he committed himself to Med School while also simultaneously working 2 jobs and taking care of his mother and sisters. My father worked incredibly hard and saved countless lives in his lifetime. 

Unfortunately, cancer is an aggressive disease, and 16 years ago we did not have much of the information that we have available to us now. Although he fought hard to overcome the battle, he was brought to peace in a place of non-suffering instead.

Later in life, his passing ignited a passion within me once I dedicated time to my own healing and coming to a place of understanding over his loss.

Through my own journey of healing, I also awakened to the need for care on a personal dimension within our hospital systems which is why I hold a desire to see more Integrative therapies offered. In making presentations about this for hospitals, I gathered the following information which I feel called to share publicly now.

Please note that what you are about to read was written with intention as being notes for presentation. I am not a doctor and therefore cannot provide "professional advice". This information does however come from the reliable source of several esteemed doctors so I would love for anyone who may be living with / affected by  illness to take into account the undeniable benefits of integrative therapies and natural healing methods.

Thank you..

Source: How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine 

Endorsed by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Authors: Dr. Michael Murray, Dr. Tim Birdsall, Dr. Joseph E. Pizzorno, and Dr. Paul Reilly


Rethinking the Way we Look at Cancer

Not many other diseases strike as much fear deep within our souls as cancer. The reason? Most of us have witnessed firsthand the ravaging effect that cancer, as well as chemotherapy and radiation, has had on a loved one.  Cancer statistics in the United States present us with some sobering facts.

Each year:

  • Over 1,250,000 new cases of invasive cancers will be diagnosed
  • An additional 1,500,000 new cases of non-invasive cancers will be diagnosed
  • More than 500,000 people will pass away from cancer
  • Cancer causes 1 in 5 of all deaths
  • Cancer will affect 1 out of 3 people alive today
  • Fifty percent of those diagnosed with cancer will die of disease
  • The economic toll of cancer will be greater than $110 billion 

Cancer is a dreaded disease for good reason.  The biggest perhaps, is that most of us have watched helplessly as this disease has robbed the body, mind, and spirit of someone close to us who at one time had so much life.  This is what I witnessed with my father at a young age and I hope to be a part of the change!

The doctors/authors of this book suggest that if one does not follow the guidelines presented, cancer risk will be at least 3 times greater than if a person does follow their recommendations. Thousands of cancer patients have been successfully treated with the program detailed in How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine.

They believe that Integrative Therapy is the answer in the battle against cancer.

Although this is powerful, they do not suggest or intend for this program to be a substitute for appropriate medical care.  Rather a combination of Eastern practices with Western to provide full circle care.

Goals of Treatment with Natural Healing

A person is not their disease.  They are an individual who happens to have been diagnosed with a particular illness which in these cases, we call cancer.  

Currently, standard approaches to cancer treatment produce a cure only about 50% of the time.  

Most of the 2.5 million patients diagnosed with cancer each year will use some form of alternative therapy.  We have the opportunity to create this through several outlets for patient’s and their families! 

The goal should be identical to that of the physicians’.  A desire for excellent treatment outcome. 

Natural therapies are known to lessen the impact of side effects, while at the same time allowing conventional treatment to work. 

In most cases, natural therapies can actually increase the benefits from other therapies, working synergistically to improve the outcome.  When given that perspective, many patients are more willing to undergo conventional treatments - and thus improve their chances of getting better. 


The Mind-Body Connection

Complete treatment of cancer requires approaches from many directions.  Conventional strategies, in combination with natural medicines, provide the body with the physical tools it needs to defeat the disease. Also especially important are strategies that harness the spiritual and emotional powers of healing.

In perhaps a sign of things to come, several cancer treatment centers have developed specialized pyschoneuroimmunology programs for cancer patients and their families. Elements of these programs include:

  • Relaxation and Imagery Training
  • Meditation
  • Stress Management
  • Support groups for patients, women, and families
  • Individual, couples, and family counseling
  • Psychoeducational groups
  • Educational resources
  • Humor Therapy

What research in psychoneuroimmunology tells us is that every part of our immune system is connected to the brain in some way, be it via a direct nervous tissue connection or through the complex chemical language of chemical messengers and hormones. 

What scientists are discovering is that every thought, emotion, and experience sends a message to the immune system that will either enhance or impair it’s ability to function. 

Just as research has identified personality, emotional, and attitude traits that increase the risk of cancer, likewise the field of psychoneuroimmunology has identified traits to reduce risk of cancer.  This collection of “Immune Power” traits includes a positive mental attitude, an effective strategy for dealing with stress, and a capacity to openly admit traumas, challenges, and feelings to yourself and others. 

This validates the importance of a positive mental attitude which can be heightened through practices such as Yoga.  

In a 30-year study conducted by researchers at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, the survival rate among optimists was 19 percent greater than that of pessimists.  All causes of death were reduced, including cancer.  

Simply by learning to fully use the diaphragm to breathe, a person dramatically changes his or her physiology.  It literally activates the relaxation centers in the brain.

Doctors are convinced that a patient’s state of mind will influence the ability to survive cancer.

The relaxation response in itself has been shown to produce useful effects in a variety of different disease states. It can also help cancer patients better tolerate chemotherapy, radiation, and surgical procedures. 

The medical implications of the relaxation response are enormous and may serve as the underlying basis for most mind-body techniques, such as guided imagery and meditation.

Now, many oncologists, hospitals, and treatment centers offer Dr. Simonton’s visual imagery program or similar visualization techniques for their patients.  

Healing Images for Children: Teaching Relaxation and Guided Imagery to Children Facing Cancer and Other Serious Illness

They suggest that taking a yoga class is a great way to learn how to breath with the diaphragm and learn how to relax.

Studies have shown that regular exercise leads to a significant increase (up to 100 percent) in natural killer cell activity.  Furthermore stating that light to moderate exercise may be best for the immune system.  

In other words, walking, yoga, and stretching exercises actually provide greater benefit to immune function rather than intense exercise.  

Exercise is never more important than when trying to help your body recover from cancer.  Time spent exercising is a valuable investment in good health and they suggest that yoga may be the most beneficial.

As physicians, caregivers, and human beings, we fervently hope for the day when the perfect cancer treatment becomes available - one that’s effective, predictable, and without side effects.  But despite years of research and an aggressive “war” on cancer, scientists have yet to figure out how to conquer this terrible disease once and for all. 

Until they do, people with cancer must make difficult choices.  Depending on the nature of their diagnosis, they have to select from among a bewildering array of conventional treatments: surgery, drugs, radiation.  Their task is made more difficult because they must make their choices under stressful circumstances while navigating a complex and confusing health care system.  Advice flows from all different directions.

What is the most rational approach to this disease?  How does one chart a course of treatment that combines the practical and the personal, that balances the physical and philosophical?  When the body is under attack, how can we best draw on resources of the mind and the spirit as allies in the fight to become whole again? 

With an integrated approach, we maximize their chances, not just for longevity - but also for an increased quality of life during those years. 

Personally, I believe in the healing powers of holistic methods and nutrition. 

Two sources of information I would also like to recommend are: You can Heal your Life a book by Louise Hay & an organization called The Truth About Cancer which was founded by a gentleman who also lost his father to cancer and now dedicates his time and energy to providing others with some of the latest cancer fighting news

I wish ALL of the beings of this world good health! Follow your intuition and choose treatment that feels right to you.

Namaste <3