How to be truly Healthy

What does it mean to truly be healthy? 

Being healthy in my eyes does not mean having muscles and a thin waistline. This is simply the physical appearance of our bodies that many people identify with.

I believe that to truly be healthy - is a state of well being between - mind, body, AND soul.

A balanced relationship between the 3 that reflects synergistically through our quality of life. 

When we are healthy - we are upbeat, productive, optimistic, and a type of person that everyone enjoys being around. 

It is a feeling of strength and energy at your core. It allows you to face each day with confidence and security. You wake up early and stay alert all day. 

Many people don't see health this way though and they forget just how GOOD our bodies AND minds are designed to feel.

Most people who simply 'make it through the day' regard themselves as being reasonably healthy; but are they really? They look good and seem to cope but deep down inside they are not feeling as well as they may appear. 

Sound familiar?

Don't worry if it does.. There is hope for us all. Each day, we are blessed with another chance to improve our lives in a multitude of ways.

I myself think back to a time when I perceived myself as being healthy although I ate fast food, partied, slept in until the afternoon, couldn't even do 1 pushup, filled my mind with nonsense TV shows, etc. But then I discovered a way of life that turned my life around for the better and I have never looked back since. This way of life included a lot of changes - which is part of what becoming truly healthy entails. A journey in true health will very likely require you to learn to accept change and become comfortable with it while consciously taking action to incorporate the beneficial changes into your life. What I can promise you is.. It's worth it!

Wouldn't you like to wake up every morning with an attitude of loving life and all it offers? Full of zest with only 6-7 hours of sleep that will carry you through a long day with good memory and senses of wellbeing. 

This is achievable and realistic for everyone. 

Which brings me to one of the first aspects that we must open ourselves to - a change in mindset. If we believe and tell ourselves that nothing will make us feel better, then nothing ever will. 

We create our reality through our words, thoughts, and actions. We need to suspend negative thought processes long enough to allow our bodies the best chances it can have to improve. So if you wish to be healthy - begin by speaking it into existence! This is how you strengthen your soul.

Small actions such as waking up and repeating mantras such as, "I AM healthy" can actually do wonders for our health as through repetition and visualization, these words help to literally reconstruct strands of our DNA. 


Then once you've begun speaking it into existence, continue by taking the actions to physically bring it into existence through your lifestyle.

Our lifestyles have been geared towards eating chemically laced foods in a highly stressful environment. We often unknowingly use many products every day that are highly toxic or simply just not good for us. We as a society have been convinced that this is the "convenient" way to live.

It isn't.

As a result of our processed and highly stressful lifestyles, we end up wasting time, money, and other resources which reflect the effects of the pollution we put into our bodies. This may involve "giving up" some things but, once you get a taste for the alternative, it is a very pleasant surprise. Not to mention the additional energy that comes with an improved lifestyle. :) 

So to strengthen the physical self, it is wise, imperative rather, to examine what may be harming you in this dimension. Food, lack of self care, lack of motivation for physical activity.

Firstly, food is medicine and energy! If you notice that you get hit by food-coma after a meal, you're probably not supplying your body with the nutrients it needs to get through the day. Think well rounded meals including low fat protein sources (I personally recommend plant based), complex carbohydrates, healthy fats (avocado), fruits earlier in the day, and a serving of greens / vegetables. Allow food to be your fuel! Take notice of how each meal makes you feel after. 

This becomes a practice of mindful eating. Try to eat without distractions such as a phone or watching TV. Perhaps even experiment with closing your eyes as you eat and chew slowly so that you can truly savor the flavor of each bite. Not only does this help us to bring conscious awareness towards our food, it also helps us to better receive the nutrients of what we are eating and stay fuller longer! 

Also, meal prepping is a great way to prepare yourself for success! When we have food ready on hand, we are not as likely to fall into the trap of "fast food" or temptation. Plus - the time, effort, and money you put towards preparing a meal should inspire you to stay committed to your goals! Allow this practice to empower you. 


Now that you will be supplying your temple with the energy it needs to thrive, it becomes time to consider a form of physical activity. Even if it is simply a walk around your neighborhood for only 20 minutes a day. Our bodies are designed for movement! Invite a friend to a class at your local gym and discuss being accountability partners for each other - helping to motivate one another and improve your lives simultaneously. 

Yoga classes are a wonderful way to exercise our bodies AND our minds. Think of Yoga as a massage even. Through practice, you will release tension from your body and anxiety from your mind. It is truly divine.

If yoga or the gym aren't your style, there's plenty of forms of physical activity out there to explore. Find what excites you and vibes with you best and come to think of it as a necessary part of your day. Exercise helps to increase serotonin which can affect our mood and social behavior, appetite and digestion, sleep, memory, and sexual desire and function. Sounds good right? So get to increasing it! ;)

The next point in this trifecta is the state of wellbeing of our minds. Our minds have a direct significant impact upon the quality of our lives. What we believe, we become.

So how can we strengthen our mind?

Through practice as with all of these areas. We train our minds as we would any other muscle within our body. We can do so by meditation, reading, different activities of mental stimulation, positive thinking, visualizations, and counseling to help heal traumas engraved within.

It is also helpful to eliminate people who may be toxic in your life, such as those who constantly complain, or bring you down, make you feel bad about yourself or life, gossipers, etc. This also includes outside elements such as TV shows, certain music, and atmospheres.

Be mindful of where and with whom you spend your time and energy for that is what you allow to enter into your precious mind and soul.. Which brings me back to where we began.

Our souls are each so special, incredibly unique, and packed with purpose.  When we nourish our souls, we feel the effects all throughout the dimensions of our being. 

What this entails is living in a reality of love, compassion, understanding, kindness, connection to source, connection to self, and connection to others. 


I believe in you and your potential to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Do you believe in you?